Dry January Is It Worth It?

Hello and welcome back as we are nearing the middle of January a lot of people will be nearly into an up and coming public health campaign commonly known as ‘dry January’. For those who don’t know dry January is the phrase used when an individual pledges not to drink alcohol for the entire month.Continue reading “Dry January Is It Worth It?”

How to Get Over Those January Blues

Hello and welcome back to the blog for the second post of 2020, which is how to get over those January blues and some myth busting about some of the things you might hear in the media. So, it’s that time of year again where everyone vows to be a better version of themselves andContinue reading “How to Get Over Those January Blues”

Calories and Counting Them

Hello and welcome to the blog, the first post with actual content in which is going to be everything you need to know about calories. Calories is one of the biggest talked about topics within nutrition. They are how the energy in food or drink is measured and is often labelled as kcal. All packagedContinue reading “Calories and Counting Them”